High altitude training simulation (HATS)

The principle

At altitude, the oxygen level remains the same as at sea level, it is the atmospheric pressure which, decreasing, reduces the quantity of oxygen which arrives at the level of the pulmonary alveoli with each inspiration.

In a hypoxia chamber, the atmospheric pressure does not change from that of the sea level (we are located at the edge of the ocean), but we act on the percentage of oxygen present in the air of the room which will correspond at the desired altitude (we can go up to 6300m)

We offer this technique in 2 forms:

- either by exercising (on a bicycle or a treadmill)

- either at rest while breathing in a specific mask

The choice of the method is made according to the objective and the 2 have the same principle of breathing oxygen-depleted air


The effects are not immediate and require several sessions to obtain good results

The number of sessions with or without effort will be determined according to the objectives to be achieved. The minimum to ensure a result is 10 sessions over 5 weeks

Then a session every 2 weeks would be desirable, if we want to maintain the beneficial effects of this 1st protocol

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