Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

Course of a session

Duration of a cryotherapy session: 45 min

The session includes:

  • The explanations: verification of contraindications , explanation of the session, confidence building ...

  • Preparation: equip yourself and get dressed

  • 3 to 4 min in the Cryospace: the patient is in perfect safety and under the permanent visual control of the operator. In the event of a problem, it can exit CryoSpace at any time.

  • In addition 20 min of hypoxia at rest: installed in a comfortable chair (comics, magazines and books are available)

  • Finally, a hot drink is offered to you: coffee, tea, infusion or rooibos.

Precautions for use
  • No shower or bath ½ hour before the session, the person must be completely dry.

  • No sporting activity ½ hour before the session, the person should no longer sweat and his heart rate returned to a resting rate.

  • No wet swimsuit.

  • No metal parts including jewelry, bars, watches, etc.

  • No eye lenses.

  • No wounds, if they are small they can be protected by a bandage.

  • Possible protection of an isolated area sensitive to cold.

Patient's feelings
  • During the session: the patient feels the cold and the reactions of his body related to this exposure. Acclimatization to the interior temperature of -85 ° C allows thermal shock, because the cold is dry inside the chamber.

  • Once the session is over: the feeling of well-being is immediate. Fatigue and painful sensations (depending on their origins) have disappeared.

  • These beneficial effects last 2 to 6 hours after a session. A persistent effect is observed which prolongs the effects over time if the sessions are repeated for several weeks, in particular for pain relief (pain relief).

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